Stephan Gieffers •

This page provides an overview of recent projects in the domain of mobile development and lean-startup.

Recent technical skills

  • Frontend: IONIC @latest, Angular, Cordova, Redux …
  • Backend: Node.js, Express, GraphQL, REDIS, …
  • JavaScript: Typescript, ES6, RxJS, …
  • Web: HTML, CSS, SASS, Websockets, …
  • Test: Jasmine, Mocha, Ava, Protractor, Appium, …
  • Cloud: Firebase (especially Realtime DB and storage), Google Cloud, AWS, - Azure, Heroku, …
  • Dev: Git, Microsoft TFS, Jira, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Gitlab, Docker,…

Backend service for Social-App based on GraphQL

I contributed to an agency project to develop a Facebook-style Social-App to be used by members of a large German organization. The App itself is based on IONIC and provides features such as photo-posts, personal profiles and push notifications. It also provides channels which allow the organization to publish news and other information. The focus of my work was to develop a backend CMS-services and minimal UI to allow content-creating for editors.

  • Role: Developer in SCRUM-Team
  • Technologies: Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Apollo, MySQL, Microsoft Azure, IONIC
  • Status: delivered and being actively used

iOS/ Android App with location aware B2C content and chat / dating components

Based on a client’s initial concept idea and screen mockups, I have further detailed the project and implemented a minimal viable scope version. The App features location awareness based on iBeacons as well as geolocation and provides location based content. It also allows users to connect and chat.

  • Role: Architect and solo developer
  • Technologies: IONIC 3 (Angular, Cordova), iBeacon, Eddystone, Firebase
  • Status: delivered to alpha-test in App- and Playstore

Implementation of Social-Features for Event App

For an agency delivering native apps and websites for large events, I have integrated chat and social calendar functionality into the existing product offering.

  • Role: Developer in a remote team
  • Technologies: Firebase, JavaScript
  • Status: delivered and being actively used

iOS/ Android Conference App for Medical Congress

Short term delivery of a conference App featuring remote Content Management, File Synchronization and integration with various file formats such as PDF and Video.

  • Role: Concept and Solo-Development
  • Technologies: IONIC 2, Firebase
  • Status: delivered and successfully used during event

iOS/ Android App for Zalando Bread&&Butter Fair

Short term delivery of a complex App for on-site interaction between exhibitors, organizer and Influencers featuring image uploads, Instagram integration and basic publishing workflows.

  • Role: Lead-Developer in a small team
  • Technologies: IONIC 2- beta (Angular, Cordova), Firebase, Instagram, Node.js, Heroku, Auth0
  • Status: delivered and successfully used during event

Web based multiplayer Game

Concept and development of a multiplayer game involving complex geometrical and mathematical logic.

  • Role: Technical Lead and Solo-Developer in an informal three person Startup scenario
  • Technologies: Node.js, REDIS, Firebase, Websockets, Express, Angular 2, Paper.js. Heroku
  • Status: prototype ready, further funding pending

GastroHub Startup

GastroHub is a lean startup to help Gastronomy outlets with their procurement. It was founded by partner from the Berlin Gastronomy scene and me to explore the business opportunities in this area. The actual app features business directory listings, map and location integration, complex filter functionality, push notifications, social login, and various other features. The app is ready for iOS and Android. However, we have stopped the rollout to further refine the concept.

  • Role: Technical Lead, Solo Development, acting as Geschäftsführer
  • Technologies: IONIC (Angular, Cordova), Firebase
  • Status: App ready, pending business decisions on further proceeding