Stephan Gieffers •

I am proud to be a software developer.

I love to create viable solutions for actual problems - from concept to Appstore.

My currently preferred stack is IONIC (i.e. Angular & Cordova) with Node.js- NoSQL Cloud backends (e.g. Firebase) as it allows to most rapidly get solutions into a customers hand. However, whatever works works…

Beyond that I am a generalist. I have street credibility for a broad range of technical and non-technical subjects: I have worked as Solo-Developer, SCRUM Master, Product Owner, Architect, Project Manager, People Manager, IT Consultant and Researcher. My employers and clients came from various industries, cultures and included startups as well as BigCos as IBM or Volkswagen.

I value interesting projects and satisfying work over status. I have left the corporate world to focus on startup projects and freelancing. I am happy to manage larger projects and teams, but are also more than happy contribute code.

I am also using this site for documenting the results of my PhD project at Volkswagen AG.

My homebase is Berlin. You can find more information on LinkedIn and Xing.

Feel free to contact me via

Cheers Stephan