We managed to launch a first beta version of the App to the App- and Playstore as planned. But then we got stuck! The idea was to provide Gastronomy outlets with up-to-date information on what relevant retailers are offering. Owners of small and medium bars and restaurants should be hooked immediately to the app by finding at least a few offers on which they could save significantly.

However, when the App was ready, the retailers were not. Even retailers that we interviewed before starting our development, stepped back, stopped answering our calls or found vague reasons for postponing their support. Then came spring time, other jobs that needed to be done, family, vacation, … and GastroHub did not get the attention it deserved.

So we are left with a hen-egg problem. We need to get enough users to be attractive for retailers while the attractiveness depends on getting enough retailers on board. So without having enough retailers on board, we did not start our long planned marketing campaign to get the app into the wild.

After some thinking back and forth, some prototyping and more interviews we think that we have found a strategy to revive GastroHub and get it the customers attention that it deserves. We are currently working on the implementation…

So stay tuned.