Spending three days at Bread&&Butter was a great experience. I was on site during the full event for technical support of an App that I co-developed. However, there was enough time to take a bath in the crowd and to get a feel for the vibe.

Imagine me, with my worn out jeans and a band T-shirt within all these fancy dressed super models to be, mostly only a few years older than my son. While it would be easy to poke some fun out of all the brand-worshipping and self(ie)-love I was very surprised by the open mindedness, kindness and positive energy. So there is hope - these guys may find solutions to all our problems from climate change to gentrification (of course only after they have finished their online shopping).

With my friends from Inside Guidance we have created an App for Zalando Media Solutions. It allows to connect Influencers and Brands in real-time during an event such as Bread && Butter. The app was tightly integrated with Instagram, allowed photo uploads and photo handling (using a customized Cordova component) and was made available on Android, iOS and (on short notice) as a web-app.

While this app is still in the stores (search for Influencer Interact), it can only be used by users invited by Zalando Media Solutions. So even if you are curious, downloading doesn’t make sense.

Bravely, we used IONIC 2 (beta) for implementation. While the “beta” status was a challenge at times, we do not regret the choice. IONIC 2 is a delight. As it features all the latest and greatest that the JavaScript world has to offer, there was a steep learning curve from ‘reading about’ to ‘actually implementing’ based on Typescript, Angular2, Webpack, Firebase 3, … But it was also fun and satisfying to see that all this new stuff actually makes sense and works (kind of ;-)

I am looking forward to more IONIC 2 projects - and the platform moving out of beta…