Finally! After starting my dissertation project in 2005 the final step is completed: The dissertation is formally published and available in bookstores all over the world as well as online.

This step is required by the dissertation-rules of my university (at least in the 2005 version that still counts for me ;-). So I can finally call myself Dr. Gieffers.

Before rushing to get your copy please be warned. The book is a) in German b) written in “dissertation style” and c) all contents are available for free on this site.

If you still want to order the book let me point you to my publishers site to maximize my revenues…

It took forever to get this done - almost. In the first years handling my day to day ‘business’ at Volkswagen AG, my project site, always had priority over long-term research stuff. While I completed my formal doctoral coursework and published some articles, I pushed out writing the actual dissertation again and again. And while at all times I thought “it’s all in my head - I just need to write it down” that was obviously way to optimistic. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Eventually I had to quit my work at Volkswagen AG to fully focus on writing… And the long duration of the project added some additional challenges such as my original supervisor quitting his job, my second supervisor moving on to another university, …

Publishing the book took almost another two years. Several month to recover from the disputation stress, an seemingly endless months to get it through Volkswagen AG’s internal processes, more time to get it through the university’s processes and finally many long weekends to prepare the actual (self) publication.

Anyway - it’s all done. And having been able to not loose faith and continuously push it, is probably my biggest, personal achievement… The greatest reward: Having a good answer to the question - ‘hey, what about your dissertation’.

Image: based on “Einstein 1921 portrait2” by Ferdinand Schmutzer, Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons